Day of the Landless 2020: Landless peoples of the world, rise!

The global economy is dipping into recession as a global pandemic and overproduction in oil trigger the weaknesses of a globalized neoliberal economy, and the most vulnerable are the rural poor and landless. It is therefore imperative to shed light on the systematic oppression and neglect the landless people face in times of crises, and even in years of “continuous growth.”


Int’l groups unite to call ‘no war on Iran’

In solidarity with the people of Iran and West Asia, 16 organizations from 12 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and West Asia issued a unity statement denouncing the warmongering of the US with Iran and its aggression in the whole of West Asia. Through the statement, the groups condemned the US government for “bullying” Iran by […]


Solidarity message from German Filipino Friends

We are supporting the political prisoners since many years by visiting them personally, being pen pals and sending balikbayan boxes. We have also supported them by sending donations e.g. for medical treatments, or other urgent needs.


Human rights violations perpetuated by Philippine government

Statement of the High-Level Delegation of church, union, political, and foundation leaders on extreme human rights violations occurring in the Philippines 1. High Level Delegation  From December 3-6, 2019 a High Level Delegation visited the Philippines to investigate reports of human rights abuses. Delegates coming from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and South Korea represent […]


The Swiss Affair – ‘exfiltration’ of a top intelligence chief and a tale of ‘abduction’

The recent dramatic events involving the Swiss Embassy came as a surprise to most Sri Lankans. Just as the large majority was looking ahead to a new era with a President they had just elected, a non politician with a simple lifestyle, yet determined, who they believed would be capable of returning to their lives, a sense of security, peace, economic development, the shot came from a quarter they least expected. From a small country in the Alps known for its neutrality, chocolate, cheese and snow capped mountains.