International People's Front

International People's Front

Assert Peoples’ Trade Agenda!

Dismantle the WTO!

Global trade remained skewed in favor of the richest economies. The top 10% of the world economies have registered 12% growth in their trade, while the bottom 40% have registered almost no growth, with the smallest economies even shrinking by 26%[1]. With continued growth in the rich economies, we are to expect the rich to become richer and the poor economies to continue lagging behind, placing more of the global population in the realm of misery.

A Briefer on WTO 12th Ministerial Conference

In the 26 years of its existence, the World Trade Organization (WTO) and its neoliberal framework have promoted the interests of the big corporations and the few global economic elites, leading to destroyed livelihoods and the environment.

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ICN 2022 Anti-War Campaign:

Fight against wars of aggression!

End imperialist wars! Free the people!

The dominant narrative on wars today over-simplifies conflicts as “good vs evil,” “democracy vs authoritarianism,” “peacemakers vs terrorists.” Erased from the narrative are the history of the roots of these conflicts and the competing interests at stake for imperialist countries which use militarism and war to secure control over territory, natural resources, and markets in a multi-polar world. People’s resistance is hidden and downplayed as insignificant, or otherwise demonized as terrorist threats.

Peoples' Fightback Against Fascism

Fascism as a system and as a tendency is the complete disregard and violation of democracy and peoples rights. Fascist totalitarian governments including right-wing political parties and movements have developed and strengthened since the Great Depression in the 1930s paving the way for Nazism and other fascist governments leading to the Second World War. Their defeat did not spell the end of fascism but remained a latent force and a tool of monopoly capital.

On Fascism before and after World War II

In every exploitative society that has arisen in the history of humankind, such as slavery, feudalism and capitalism, there is a ruling class which owns the principal means of production and which runs the state as an instrument of violence to compel the exploited class to perform its productive role and suppress any resistance to the ruling system.

Fascism as a tool of Imperialism

The broad anti-imperialist and democratic front can arouse, organize and mobilize the  people in their tens or hundreds of millions nationwide, to fight imperialism and fascism by all means  possible. In the final analysis, only the unity and heroic struggle of all toiling masses, all peoples, and  all countries oppressed by imperialism can finally defeat it and eradicate this monstrosity of fascism. 

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