International People's Front

Fight and build an international united front of the world’s peoples against imperialism and all reaction! Call for an International Peoples Front!

Humanity and the planet suffer from the scourge of imperialism – imperialist powers of the monopoly big bourgeoisie and their corporations exploit the working people to severe impoverishment, arrogate the resources of the earth, create wars of competition and aggression, create pestilence, and destroy the well-being of the planet.

The Ukraine war and saber-rattling in the Korean peninsula and Taiwan/southeast Asia are symptomatic of imperialist war conflicts (and a ceaseless US war policy) adding to the severe economic depressionary crisis, pestilence, and climate change that scourge humanity and the planet.  These are all the products of imperialism.


The US hegemon controls the military security and financial infrastructure of the world and dominates the economy and diplomacy through its imperialist alliances.  But to stave off its decline it has engineered proxy wars against Russia and ultimately faces the strategic threat of China as an emerging counter-hegemon.


Fascism is the other face of imperialism as it and its lackeys repress people’s democratic rights to ensure that people remain oppressed and ripe for their and the planet’s exploitation.


Almost all countries face economic depressionary crises, political instability, and fascism, and the ruling reactionary classes intensify the exploitation of the workers and other working masses.  The bourgeois governments practice different forms of fascist oppression of the masses. Workers’ strikes and peoples protests are met with severe repression and in many cases with massacres and assassination of their leaders and activists.


People are rising up in all continents. People are anxious and eager to organize and have their voices heard.


It is even more urgent now for people to come together in a united front organized at the international level to mobilize organizations and individuals from the local, to national and up to international levels to coordinate, cooperate, assist and together fight imperialism and its agents in all its forms.

The International Peoples Front or IPF is the creation of different international anti-imperialist peoples organizations who had cooperated under the name of International Coordinating Network (ICN) to advance anti-imperialist and anti-fascist campaigns.


The IPF as a unity of purpose and action aspires to draw in mass movements or peoples’ organizations, and democratic anti-imperialist political organizations into peoples united front at the national level. Anyone who ascribes to the objectives of the IPF and signs on to a statement that will be published in the website and social media pages of IPF members can be considered a member.

Any member can participate in activities of the front. Although regular participation in IPF planning and activities is encouraged, there is no mandatory participation in meetings/assemblies. Individuals, groups, organizations, and other entities can join only certain actions if desired and disassociate and/or reassociate at any time.

The IPF is not a structured formation but is managed by an International Coordinating Body (ICB) which is composed of representatives of international organizations that operate in an unstructured manner including rotating chairing at each regular meeting.

The IPF is a crystallization of the aspiration for a people united in will and action to defeat imperialism. You are hereby invited to the proposed in-person launch of the IPF on September 28 in Phuket, Thailand. You can also attend online.


(For more details on how the IPF plans to operate, see IPF Introduction attached to this email or the website or email [email protected])

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