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Global Day of Action for a Future Without WTO

Global Day of Action for a Future Without WTO

June 12, 2022 [10:00 Buenos Aires / 13:00 Geneva / 16:00 Nairobi / 18:30 Mumbai / 20:00 Jakarta / 21:00 Manila / June 13, 2022 01:00 Auckland]

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Interpretations in French, Spanish, Bahasa, Urdu and Filipino will be available.

HERE’s HOW YOU CAN participate: Send us a video or photo expressing why we need to JUNK WTO your solidarity to workers and farmers affected by WTO your vision of a peoples trade agenda and your mass actions against WTO MC 12, on or before 9 June 2022. For your mass actions against WTO, please coordinate with the POP secretariat.

Use the hashtags: #AFutureWithoutWTO #PeoplesTradeAgenda #PeopleOverProfit

Use the calls:
πŸ“£ Drop the patents! Scrap TRIPS!
πŸ“£ People over profit!
πŸ“£ Junk WTO!
πŸ“£ We want a future without WTO!
πŸ“£ Advance the peoples trade agenda!
πŸ“£ Resist neoliberal trade! Fight imperialist globalization!
πŸ“£ WTO out of fisheries! End the global plunder of our seas!
πŸ“£ Defend our jobs and livelihood now!
πŸ“£ Dismantle the WTO and end corporate-led trade!
πŸ“£ Take the monopolies and the TNCs out of our lives!

You may send your video or selfie to [email protected] or send us a message on Facebook on or before 9 June 2022.

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