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Fascism is real and it is here, we need to talk about it

Fascism is real and it is here, we need to talk about it

Join the Peoples’ Fightback Against Fascism Introductory Webinar on Fascism
MEET OUR SPEAKER: Bibeth Orteza, Chairperson of the Concerned Artists of the Philippines, who will share with us the effects of fascism and fascist rule particularly in Asia Pacific.

For participants from Africa, Asia and Europe
15 February 2022
1PM, Senegal and UK time
2PM, Netherlands and Italy time
4PM, Kenya time
7PM, Bangladesh time
8PM, Indonesia and Thailand time
9PM, Philippines, Taiwan, Singapore, HK time
10PM, South Korea, Japan time
(with French and Bahasa Indonesia interpretation)

For participants from Pacific and the Americas
16 February 20224PM, Los Angeles time
5PM, Alberta time
6PM, Mexico time
7PM, New York, Quito and Toronto time
9PM, Chile time
11AM, Sydney and Melboure time (17 February 2022)
1PM, New Zealand time (17 February 2022) (with Spanish interpretation)

We will hold the webinar twice in order to accommodate the time availability of participants according to their time zones.

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