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Fight against wars of aggression!

Fight against wars of aggression!


24-hour day of actions to Fight Against Imperialist Wars.

Join the actions! Campaign launch | May 21 | 12 noon in the following time zones: New Zealand | Australia | Indonesia | Philippines | Japan | Korea | India | Thailand | Myanmar | Pakistan | Dubai | Cyprus | Belgium | UK | New York, Washington DC, Ottawa, Puerto Rico | Chicago, Mexico City | Washington, Oregon, California | Hawaii | More TBD


Imperialist wars rage throughout the world. Thousands of people are dying, directly by armed attacks or due to the resulting famine, destruction of homes, and devastation of land, water and food systems. Millions of others are forced to flee their homelands.

While using militarism and war to secure control over territory, natural resources, and markets in a multi-polar world, imperialist powers and their propaganda machines obscure the history of the roots of these conflicts and the competing economic and geo-political interests at stake.

But people’s movements to defend themselves and assert their collective democratic rights, self-determination, and social and national liberation continue to burn!

As more wars break out and the people face intensified repression, it is more important now than ever to strengthen movements to fight against imperialist war and free the people!

Join the campaign: Fight against wars of aggression! End imperialist wars! Free the people!


The campaign is coordinated by the following organizations and alliances:

Asia Pacific Research Network | Asian Peasants Coalition | Asian Rural Women’s Coalition | Indigenous Peoples Movement for Self-Determination and Liberation | International Association of Democratic Lawyers | International League of Peoples Struggle | International Migrants Alliance | International Peoples Research Network | International Womens Alliance | International Peoples Research Network | Peace for Life | People over Profit People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty| People’s Resource for International Solidarity and Mass Mobilization | Resist US-Led War MovementLong Live International Solidarity!

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