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Int’l groups unite to call ‘no war on Iran’

Int’l groups unite to call ‘no war on Iran’

In solidarity with the people of Iran and West Asia, 16 organizations from 12 countries in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and West Asia issued a unity statement denouncing the warmongering of the US with Iran and its aggression in the whole of West Asia.

Through the statement, the groups condemned the US government for “bullying” Iran by launching airstrikes and imposing sanctions that have caused decades-long distress and strife in the region.

According to the People’s Coalition on Food Sovereignty (PCFS), one of the statement’s signatories, “We want to express our concern on how US aggression hinders food sovereignty in West Asia, resulting in a food crisis. Its wars are restricting people’s access to food, even using starvation as a weapon to deliberately kill people – as if the military offensives are not deadly enough.”

The statement also slammed US President Donald Trump for instigating an all-out war on Iran in order to “[save] its ailing economy and [please] its allies in the region, especially Israel and Saudi Arabia.” It pointed out how US arms companies suddenly profited after the controversial airstrike that killed Iranian general Qasem Soleimani. It also mentioned the interest of the US and its backed countries in the region to control the oil reserves of Iran and its ally states.

The groups released the statement in support of the “No War on Iran” global day of protest on January 25, 2020, which was called by many organizations including the International League of People’s Struggles (ILPS), a global alliance against imperialism. The league’s member organizations and chapters held actions in their respective countries. Several of the statement’s endorsers are members of ILPS.

PCFS joined the solidarity protest held in Manila, Philippines morning of January 25, 2020. Local police obstructed the march before it reached the US embassy, but protesters held ground at Kalaw Ave. corner Roxas Blvd. where they proceeded with their program. ###  

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