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Message from Palestine on the IPF launch

Message from Palestine on the IPF launch

Comrades, sisters and brothers

In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful.  Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you

Thank you all for giving me the chance to address this meeting which is a step forward in the blessed route towards human cooperation, justice freedom and dignity all over the globe.

754 resolutions from the UN General assembly against Israel, the apartheid state, and for the Palestinian rights, 97 resolutions form the security council and 96 resolutions from the UN human rights council, a total of 947 resolutions over 74 years materially are not worth the paper used for them except for the moral value.

The apartheid state of Israel was founded to partition the Arab nation and here I have to state a verse from holy Quran: “O people, we created you from a male and female and made you into peoples and tribes so that you know one another. The most honorable you with God is the most pious of you. God is All-Knowing”

This is Islam, the cosmopolitan culture. No mention of Arabs or any diversity or variation within the region or any region or part of the world. Not even certain religion. No white, black, red, yellow skin colors. Only people on earth.

Here, we can clearly differentiate between true authentic Islam and the distorted Alqaida and Daish which were created, funded, backed, led and used by the peoples’ enemies in order to unload this great culture and religion from its social and political content.

The Arabic language, being the language of the Quran, does not replace any language but rather creates one which the different people can understand and use to communicate.

Please search for Campbell Bannerman Conference of 1907 in London which was held between Britain, France, holland, Belgium, Spain, and Italy, headed by the British prime minister Sir Henry Campbell-Bannerman where the outcome was: Establishing a strong alien human barrier in the land bridge linking Europe to the old world, and both to the Mediterranean, to form – in the region near the suez canal, a force hostile to the peoples of the region and friendly to European countries and their interests, is the practical and immediate implementation of the proposed methods and approaches. We should note that this document has disappeared from the British archive.

We, in the region, are the target of the western imperial powers: “Divide and Conquer” strategy since very long.

Most of the regimes in the region are actually puppets of the west and the national leaders who work to the benefit of the people mainly aiming to achieve civil peace and community security leading to national sustainable development are over thrown killed or pushed to failure through different internal or external forces and methods.

It is very important to mention here that during the crusaders wars from 1096 till 1291, where the colonizing European forces used religion to conquer the region and occupy the heart, namely Palestine, our great leader and master Salahuddin Ayyoubi led the local armies in 1187 and conquered the occupiers, pushing them out of Jerusalem, the very heart of Palestine. He was Kurdish and perhaps our brethren, the Kurds are still paying for that historical victory through different internal and external conspiracies planned and led by the west by many local puppet regimes and forces from the regions including Kurdish ones.

Now, after this necessary introduction, we should clarify that we have been living here, side by side, Jews, Christians, and Muslims for more than 1400 years as citizens and neighbors happily and peacefully until Zionism, as a racist ideology destroyed the social peace and, backed by the British mandate held tens of massacres and destroyed around 530 villages in Palestine killing thousands of civilians and driving more than 750,000 Palestinian civilians out of our home land and leaving around 150,000 who could flee the massacres.

Now, the number of Palestinians all over historical palestine including the part occupied in 1948, now called Israel, the west bank and the Gaza strip which were occupied in 1967, exceed the Jews by around 400,000 people and this shows the demographic danger on the apartheid state of Israel that is consciously doing ethnic cleansing in our nation.

Now the Palestinians people, through Fateh, started the newest revolution in 1965 and confronted many challenges inside and outside Palestine in the Arab world. At some point, the PLO decided to go for Oslo agreement in 1993 then Oslo 2 in 1995 which was supposed to be the base of a peace process leading to a two states solution in Palestine guaranteed by the USA and European countries to be realized and executed. This proved to be an empty mirage where the Jewish – Zionist settlements in the 

west bank quadrupled to reach around 750,000 after the Oslo agreement covering all the west bank occupied in 1967.

Now, with all this chaos in the region, our people in Palestine are retreating from the 2 states solution to the one democratic state solution where all of the people’s constituents can live under our Palestinian democratic state as equal citizens after destroying the Zionist regime and liberating our nation.

To achieve that, our people has the right, and is using all methods including the revolutionary violence to defend our masses, villages and lands against the apartheid racist Israel army and state. This is guaranteed by all human, international, religious, and natural rights and accords.

Liberating Palestine has always been the aim of the Arab people and thus the progressive resistance forces in the region are doing all efforts in all fields to back the Palestinian growing resistance that has crossed the narrow organizational, territorial, religious, tribal and family affiliations to the broad healthy national struggle that is growing inspite of the many and difficult hindrances that the official Palestinian authority is practicing in accordance with the Oslo agreements that Israel has used only to confiscate more lands and kill and kick more people out of our lands. We are very confident of our victory together with all peace loving peoples of the world as absolutely confident that the sun will shine tomorrow and look forward to welcome you, perhaps soon, in our beloved liberated nation.

We are partners in this struggle. Power to people,

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