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ON CLIMATE IMPERIALISM: A Collection of Jose Maria Sison’s Articles, Statements, Interviews on Climate Crisis

ON CLIMATE IMPERIALISM: A Collection of Jose Maria Sison’s Articles, Statements, Interviews on Climate Crisis

This November, world leaders and big businesses will convene in Egypt for the 2022 s United Nations Climate Change Conference. This is the 27th Conference of the Parties of the UFCCC, also known as COP27, a gathering that aims to renegotiate their control over the world’s productive and natural resources amid an impending planetary catastrophe.

Decades of these climate negotiations have shown that the world’s superpowers are incapable of meaningful and drastic actions to address the climate crisis. Monopoly capitalists in cahoots with their governments resort to carbon colonialism, fossil fuel production, and corporate greenwashing in line with their narrative of a “great reset” to jumpstart markets and create the facade of a new economic order. To preserve the capitalist system, they wage wars and build military-industrial complexes that have been destructive to the environment. 

In line with the International League of Peoples’ Struggle’s fight against climate imperialism, we aim to raise the discourse  by forwarding the central role of people’s movements and socialism as the meaningful system change we need. As part of our efforts to intensify the global peoples’ demands for climate justice, we have consolidated relevant resource materials that raise and link the issue of capitalist production and imperialist-led wars to the current global climate crisis.

Here is the list of links to ILPS Chairperson Emeritus Prof. Jose Maria Sison’s articles, statements, and interviews on the climate crisis:

  1. On Climate Imperialism:
  2. System Change, Not Climate Change:
  3. Imperialism on Food and Agriculture and Spread of Deadly Pathogens:
  4. The Climate Crisis and Migration:
  5. The ‘Great Reset’ Generates the Great Resist:
  6. US-Led Wars and Types of Weapons in the Era of Modern Imperialism:
  7. Overview: Historical Rise of Fascism and Current Manifestation in Pandemic:
  8. Paris Climate Talks are Predetermined by Monopoly Capitalism to Aggravate Climate and Social Injustice and Crises:
  9. Burning Questions: Talking with Jose Maria Sison about Climate Change, Capitalism, and Revolution:
  10. Intensify the Peoples’ Struggles against Imperialism to Address the Root Cause of Global Warming:
  11. End Monopoly Capitalism to Address Climate Change:
  12. ILPS Commission 13 On Climate Change and the Environment:

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