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PRISM welcomes the establishment of the IPF

PRISM welcomes the establishment of the IPF

The People’s Resource for International Solidarity and Mass Mobilization, or PRISM, welcomes the most timely formation of the International People’s Front towards building an international united front of the world’s peoples against imperialism and all reaction.

Imperialism (in its modern form as monopoly capitalism) extends its steel tentacles and claws across the entire globe, as the principal enemy of all the world’s peoples, the whole of humanity, and the entire planet. 

Its globalist corporations squeeze the sweat and blood of the billions of working people, derail the development of its countries, and plunder the natural riches of Mother Earth. Its militarist states wage aggressive wars, bully other states, meddle in their internal affairs, and oppress their own people at home.

The era of the unipolar hegemony of US imperialism is now ending. In its place, the so-called “multipolar world” is turning out to be a volatile mix of intense inter-imperialist rivalries, proxy wars and the threat of nuclear or generalized war, all amid a severe crisis of the global capitalist system and worsening environmental threats due to climate change and all sorts of military-industrial toxins, including bioweapons gone awry.

The imperialist-backed wars, reemergence of dictatorships, and police-state measures (including supposed Covid-era restrictions) against basic civil liberties in the face of growing social unrest and organized people’s resistance are all signals of a global current of fascism.

In this context, PRISM welcomes the formation of the International People’s Front in order to coordinate, cooperate, assist and together fight imperialism and fascism on all levels and in all parts of the world. We pledge our support for its endeavors to the utmost of our capabilities. #

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